Senior Center Without Walls began in 2004 with the goal of providing a community for isolated seniors.  What started with two groups and eight seniors has grown into a program that reaches approximately 1000 seniors throughout the United States. Seniors participate in groups via telephone and computer from the comfort of their own homes.

Wondering what it would be like to call in? Listen to the following audio excerpt from one of our most popular groups, Gratitude. In this group, participants share one thing they are grateful for that day. Here is Stephanie sharing her gratitude for the day.

darlene 2

” [SCWW is] my place to be a person again. People don’t even pay attention, they don’t even listen. You’ve been listened to your entire life and suddenly, they don’t listen to you because you’re old. . I do know that it (SCWW) gives something back to us and it just feels so refreshing to have that back. Its like being reintroduced to the community.” – Darlene, SCWW Participant

“I like SCWW because I think it is something good for the community, they are helping getting to people that are home bound that don’t have a lot of resources. Plus the staff is a really nice Tom Whitegroup of people that i really like working with. It creates a good feeling to be around the whole organization. I’m happy with it. Ive been a facilitator for over two years and I’ve found its really good for me too. By facilitating Gratitude and Meditation, it makes me more grateful myself, and more knowledgeable about meditation.”

-Tom, SCWW Participant

Senior Center Without Walls is a community made up of participants, staff, facilitators, presenters, and other volunteers who care about each other and who value feeling connected.

Amber Carroll, Director    |   Jeff Cheung, Administrative Coordinator
Patt Schroeder, Program Specialist    |   Katie Wade, Program Manager

Senior Center Without Walls is a non-denominational program of Episcopal Senior Communities.  As a non-profit, Senior Center Without Walls relies on donations to provide services at no-cost to participants.